Lieutenant Bishop examines the final body.

Lieutenant Bishop is a female soldier, one of the few named military characters in The Hills Have Eyes: The Beginning. Her capture and interrogation by the mutants of the Hades Clan leads to the defeat and demise of General Ryan.

Along with another female soldier, Jones, Lieutenant Bishop is sent by General Ryan to cut down and tag the crucified bodies of police killed by Hades' Clan prior to the arrival of the military. As the two women prepare to take down the last body, they are surprised to find that it is a mutant hanging on the cross, waiting in ambush.


The job gets even worse for Lieutenant Bishop and Jones.

In the next and final scene involving Lieutenant Bishop and Jones, they have been captured, bound, stripped below the waist, and are being gang-raped by the crew of mutants led by Blair, who tells Hades over the radio that they have caught two female soldiers and are "pumping them for info." As Blair relates the details of the information obtained by this "interrogation," including that a General Ryan is leading the troops and heavy reinforcements will arrive in the morning, several mutants in the background are engaged in assaulting the bound women. One of them, presumably Lieutenant Bishop, is spit-roasted between two unnamed mutants, while the other is raped from behind by an unnamed mutant while several others watch.

It is unknown whether Lieutenant Bishop and Jones are killed following this scene or are kept as breeders to repopulate the clan.