Blair was a member of Hades Clan. As a mutant, she was morbidly obese and possesses a pig-like face, and had only three-fingered-hands. When the army begins its invasion of the mutant' town, Blair is put in charge of a group of mutants and tasked by Hades to get information on imminent reinforcements. Blair and her men find two female soldiers; Lieutenant Bishop and Jones, bagging and tagging the crucified bodies of the police who came before the army, and successfully capture, bound, gag, strip and gang rape the two women (Blair telling Hades they were "pumping them for info"). Eventually they extracted the information they required, including that General Ryan himself was present, leading to his capture and death.


After finding out further information, an attack on the army camp ensues. Among those killed is a mutant strongly resembling her as seen being gunned down by a man (who also appears to be a mutant) wielding a machine-gun and opening fire at a group of people. After this, she is not seen again.

Since Blair is only pictured twice in The Hills Have Eyes: The Beginning," the assumption that she is female is based primarily on the character's large, feminine breasts. Her posture in the scene where she leads the rape of the two female soldiers (one hand holding up her pants) suggests that she had forced one or both of them to perform oral sex on her, making this the only instance of female-on-female rape in the series.